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Visual Inspection

The visual inspection is an important step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem. Water damage and mold growth is visually assessed throughout the course of the inspection. JN Donohue Associates utilizes several tools throughout the course of the inspection. These tools include, but are not limited to, a Center 315 hygrometer (temperature and humidity), a Rigid borescope (flexible neck video camera), a Protimeter Surverymaster moisture meter , and an Extech laser thermometer. The visual inspection performed by JN Donohue Associates encompasses the entire home or commercial building. This includes:

•A visual inspection identifying possible mold growth in every area of the home (crawlspace, basement, attic, etc)

•Identifying areas of water penetration

•Identifying areas of leakage

•Evaluating concerns about humidity


•Moisture meter evaluations throughout the dwelling

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