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Mold Testing

The mold testing and sampling performed by JN Donohue Associates helps give a clearer picture of the fungal ecology within the living space. JN Donohue utilizes several sampling techniques and tools throughout the mold inspection process. These sampling techniques include:

•Surface samples completed using either a swab sample or a tape lift sample. This technique is used to test visible mold growth.

•Nonviable air tests are used to identify levels of airborne mold spores within building. Nonviable air tests are advantageous because they have the ability to identify all mold spores whether they are viable or nonviable (alive or dead). This is important because, all mold spores, viable or nonviable, have the same health effects on humans.

•Viable air samples are used to identify the levels of viable (living) mold spores within the building. Viable air samples are used to more closely identify the type of mold spores found in air samples.

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