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Mold Inspections

•Are you experiencing allergic reactions or health problems that you believe may be a result of mold contamination?

•Do you see possible mold growth in your home?

•Are you going through a real estate transaction and you are concerned about mold?

•Do you smell a moist and musty odor in your home?

•Have you recently had a water leak, or flood in your home or basement?

•Is there a humidity related issue in your home?

•Would you like to have a complete fungal assessment of your home or commercial building?

•Have you recently had mold remediated from your home?

•Are you planning on having mold remediated from your home?

If so, a professional mold inspection by JN Donohue Associates may be right for you!

What is a mold inspection?

JN Donohue performs a two part mold inspection. This mold inspection includes both a full visual evaluation and also mold testing.

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